Guido Stoecker's Bodyguerra - 2021 - Fire & Soul

(64:12; Fastball Music)

Track list:
1. Stay Free 5:30
2. Danger Zone 3:56
3. You Never Know Why 5:12
4. Behind the Clouds 6:28
5. Magical Touch 3:37
6. Steelheart 4:55
7. Soultrail 5:23
8. Breakout 4:36
9. Fire & Soul 7:51
10. Out of Control 4:30
11. Believe 5:32
12. 100 Mann und ein Befehl 2:50
13. Xmas Is Special 3:52

Guido Stocker - guitars
Ela Sturm - vocals
Danij Perl - bass
Christian Antwerpen - drums
Rolf Munkes - guitars
Hermann Focke - drums
JoJo Brunn - keyboards

German band Bodyguerra has a history that goes back to 2010 from what I can see, and they released their debut album "Freddy...Nothing as It Seems" back in 2013. Some years down the line a new version of the band was formed, now opting for the slightly revised band name Guido Stoecker's Bodyguerra. Come 2021 and they are ready with the second Bodyguerra album "Fire & Soul", which is set for an October release through German label Fastball Music.

While one might get the impression from the cover art and album name that this is a stomping example of German heavy metal, that isn't the case at all. Bodyguerra hone in on a classic hard rock sound throughout this album, with steady rhythms and a firm and occasionally pumping bass line supporting guitars with a distinctly blues-laden orientation and a vocalist delivering the lyrics in a subtly raspy, expressive and again blues-laden manner. This is classic era bluesy hard rock, or hard rock with a blues-tinged orientation if you like.

The majority of the album is given to slow and mid paced rockers where the vocals and the guitar soloing are given leading roles. A few tighter, harder, more energetic and uptempo rockers are present too, songs of the kind that exist somewhere on the border between ZZ Top and AC/DC. The token ballads that are expected on a production of this kind appear as well, complete with gentler atmospheres and a slight touch of Americana as an undercurrent. The two bonus tracks showcase somewhat different sides to the band, and I would presume that the seasonal song of those two will find it's way on to a single a bit closer to Yuletide.

For my sake Bodyguerra is a band that as of 2021 at least doesn't bring anything spectacular to the table. Well made hard rock with a 'made for classic rock radio' blues-tinged sound, mood and atmosphere is what we get here, well produced and well performed. Those who generally tend to enjoy music described in this manner will find plenty to enjoy on this production: A good album that should have a fairly broad appeal.

Olav M. Björnsen, October 2021



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