Dusk Of Delusion - 2022 - COrollarian RObotic SYStem [CO​.​RO​.​SYS]

(46:57; Fantai'Zic / Metal East)

Track list:
1. 09-04-2022 0:50
2. Shadow Workers 6:03
3. The Snap 3:23
4. £1ONH€4RT_B4$T4RD 3:55
5. Tinplate Soldiers 4:19
6. Legal Slaves 4:51
7. Taking the Hit 3:51
8. Market Street 4:34
9. The Hatred Confession 5:26
10. For the Flesh, Press Repeat 4:44
11. Erotic Infusion 5:01

Benoit Guillot - vocals
Matthieu Morand - guitars, synths, keys
Claude Colmars - guitars
Julien Skorka - bass, vocals
Natan Gengenbacher - drums
Bettina Pidolle - voice
Lucas Michel - saxophone

French band Dusk of Delusion is a self-described modern metal band from France that have been active since 2016, with one EP and three studio albums to their name at this stage. "COrollarian RObotic SYStem [CO.RO.SYS]" is the name of their most recent production, which was released through the French labels Fantai'zic and Metal East Productions in the fall of 2022.

While I don't really know what modern metal means, the closest I get in my own perceptions are bands I sometimes will describe as contemporary, what French band Dusk of Delusion provides on this latest album of theirs isn't really what I'd describe as modern metal inside of any specific context.

This is an inclusive variety of the form however, where the recurring element is how the band will always find space and room for dark toned, majestic and ominous passages in the songs. Sometimes in more of a good, old fashioned heavy metal manner, on other occasions with a more powerful impact riff leading the way or groove-oriented fluctuating riff patterns taking charge. With raspy and beefy lead vocals emphasizing the dark as well as the majestic dimensions of the landscapes explored.

The band are clever enough to break up and alter the proceedings inside the individual songs too, alternating between the three orientations described above for starters, but also by segueing over to landscapes with a bit more of a power metal drive and on occasion touching base with a bit of thrash metal too. In between we also get gentler or more sparse arrangements that adds to the dynamic touch already present, on one occasion the organ is brought in with a prominent placement for a bit of a Gothic feel, and all throughout the album we get small atmospheric laden parts with and without a futuristic touch, and in a related context one of the songs also feature a little bit of an industrial feel to it.

The album is also a concept album, based on a science fiction story, and judging by the tone of material on this album I would assume that the story in question isn't the happiest one.

What I can say is that the album as a whole comes across as a very solid experience. The songs are dynamic, use contrasts well, with some nice flowing guitar solo runs a regular feature that also contrast the underpinnings of the songs in addition to the dynamic elements, and arguably with a little bit of a progressive character present too. If dark, majestic and dynamic metal incorporating multiple style elements and exploring a presumed dystopian concept sounds like an interesting proposition, this is a production worth investigating further.

Olav M. Björnsen, December 2022



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